Bellenna Elm Studio

Illustration and Surface Pattern Design


Bellenna Elm Studios features surface patterns, art, and illustrations from the freelancing artist, Belinda Sigstad.


Belinda Sigstad is an illustrator, mixed media artist, and graphic artist that has been working with different mediums for over 10 years. She has recently branched out into surface pattern design, and is currently available for licensing. Belinda enjoys interpreting the world around her through playful, free-spirited sketches. Her eclectic style features happy doodles and fun characters combined with textures and mark making.

Belinda's passions are art and pattern design, but she also has a deeper dream of reaching out to others through her work. Her current focus is on developing patterns and illustrations that can be used on products that encourage and inspire others.  She also has a dream of some day helping others find healing through their own artistic voice.